PURRfect Match Pre-Adoption Questionnaire
Complimentary Service For Shelters That May Have A Good Match For You.
Our Breeders - Shelters Want To Make The Best Personality and Lifestyle Fit For You And They Understand Their Kittens And Cats Personality Best-First.
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Spay-Neuters is Recommended For All Household Pets or Travel Buddies. Share Your Thoughts And Ideas With The Breeder Up Front. There May Be Extras Fees or Contracts.
Please Research Health Concerns For N/S Options At Specific Ages So You Understand Any Long Term Health Concern.
Never Allow Kittens That Are Not Fully Vaccinated In Any Area Where Other Cat's or Dog's May Have Urinated or Defecated - Such As A Park On Your Way Home With Your New Kitten. They Can Get Sick And This Is Not The Breeders Fault - You Must Wait Until The Kitten Is Fully Vaccinated To Be Allowed To Visit Any Outdoor Area For Protection.
Costs For Breeders Include Veterinarians - Alot of Good Quality or Homemade Cat Food - Alot of Litter - Toys - Caregivers if they must travel overnight - Marketing - Advertising - Time on Social Media - Getting Kicked Off of Craigslist 20 times - Posting and reposting takes time - Marketing on other sites that 10.00 per month or more - And the Initial Cost of The Breeders Cats - Their Homes - Catteries - There is So much more to a breeder than You Think.
We Ask This As A Beta Test Platform For Financing Plans For Appreciated Breeders.

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