Tips on Moving and Being There for Your Pet All the Way


If you are considering moving somewhere new and you have a cat, the home-buying process can become an extended search if you don't know where to look or what to look for. Fortunately, when it comes to your cat and all the things she will need to be a contented feline, you don't have to look very far with Kitty Cats.CO. This resource will ensure you have all the information you need to keep your kitty cat purring contentedly every step of the way.


Selling up and starting afresh


Letting go of your current home may be more of an emotional experience than a transactional event for your cat. The trick is in letting go step by step.


  • Carefully look at your budget. Your budget and your current financial standing will play the most significant role in the type of home you can afford. Use a mortgage repayment calculator to establish how indebted you are likely to be when purchasing a home of a certain amount.
  • Sell up and buy? Or buy and then sell up? This will be determined by the cash you have to spare to put in as a down payment. Your moving timeline will also be a factor here.
  • If you are renting, check your lease agreement to see if there is a clause that prohibits pets on the property. You may also need to check with your Home Owners Association if cats are allowed in your area.


Help her to feel more comfortable in her new home


Since cats are typically highly territorial, so you may have to go the extra mile to make her feel more comfortable in her new home.



Spend extra time with her


Your cat will need extra time with you to ensure she copes with the stressful process of moving.


  • Try to eliminate work stress. Pets can be deeply empathetic, so you should avoid bringing this home with you, as your cat can pick up on unpleasant emotions.
  • Be sure to play with her regularly, as she will most likely need mental stimulation to distract her from the moving process. Look for toys that will keep her on her paws, such as the Concealed Motion Cat Toy and the Electric Flutter Rotating Cat Teaser.
  • When it comes to spending quality time with your cat, aim for at least 20 minutes at the minimum per day to ensure she feels loved and cherished.


These simple steps should go a long way in helping your cat feel, if not confident, then comfortable about the move, especially if you carve out special time in your day for you and her.

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