All Reservation Requests Must And Will Be Authenticated By Both Parties Before Any Funds Are Released To Secure Your Reservation.

You And The Breeder Agree To Terms And Conditions And Once Signed Off, Your Deposit Is Transferred.

Communicate On Kitty Cats For Updates, New Images, Videos, Privately.

Only Verified Endorsed Breeders Is For Your Security.  Be Assured In Today's World Full Of Bad Players or Breeders.


Enter Yes Or No
If You Do Not Have This Exact Information, We Will Assist You Once The Cattery Name Is Completed.
By Submitting This, You Agree That Depending On Your Selection Above, That Either .05% or .10% Fee Of Your Total Deposit Will Not Be Recceived To The Breeder And Is Retained As A Transactional Fee By KittyCatsCO. The Breeder Must Accept Your Request And Both Parties Must Complete The 'Breeder Agreement Completed' Before The Breeder Receives The Funds Minus The .05% or .10% Retained By KittyCatsCO.
The Full Agreed Upon Amount As Per Your Conversation or Agreement.
The Majority of Breeders Will Not Accept A Check or Money Order Due To High Fraud Risk. This is a Conversation That Needs To Be Resolved Early On, Which Helps To Open The Conversation And Solidify The Deal.
I Understand That The Breeder Must Accept My Reservation And We Must All Agree To All Terms Before The Breeder Will Receive Any Funds. The Breeder And I Will Sign Off On The Breeder 'Agreement Complete' Document Before Receiving My Deposit.
I Will Complete All Necessary Documents To Secure My Kitten-Cat Reservation.
By Not Agreeing, This Form Will Not Be Submitted And Will Not Process.
I Understand That This Statement Will Deny A Refund From PayPal, Stripe Or, Bank Transfer Or Any Other Means Used To Complete The Payment.
We Need To Match Your PayPal Payment To This Form, Please Provide Your Name or The Cattery Name In The Paypal Form. ThankYou.
This page is insecure. Credit Card field should be used for testing purposes only.

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