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And Discovering The Best Products And Services For PURRents.

Our Number One Goal At KittyCats.CO is to ensure the homing (housing) of cats, and kittens with the right loving PURRents so that they never have to leave for an unforeseen PURRsonality glitch.


We work directly with Shelters And Breeders, We Like To Have Appreciated breeders, who have accomplished the high standard we have to have the safety net for future PURRents when searching for a kitten or cat.


The scammers are thick in this industry, be it the deposit scam or the fake kitten scam and we aim to remove this by enabling our PURRfect Match Questionnaire and Reservation Deposit Security Agreement and Double verified funds released form to ensure both parties agree.


We welcome

industry products and services, especially the products we endorse with our specialist: Ingrid.

Not only is she a German Woman with an inquiring mind, but also has her very first cat ever at the age of 5(eight)!  she is having a ball experimenting with everything she receives.

The worst job ever! @Ha! More on Ingrid Later.




Our products and services directory is very detailed and in depth for an advanced search experience.

This site is really, just fun to discover all of the amazing things for cats, for PURRents, and enabling communication in our Social Cat Platform.

Author: Cara

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