Who Can  Advertise Their Cat or Kittens on KittyCatS.CO?



'Appreciated Breeders' can advertise their kittens and cats in multiple categories.

Shelters can list their Shelter with images of cats or advertise specific cats individually in multiple categories for shelters or Showcased.

BackYard Breeders or Accidental Breedings:

 Kittens or cats that need to be placed or re-homed must be, or is being valued under $100.00, may list in the free listing section, under Shelter-Cat Cafe-Rehome-Free.

Breeders, Not Certified as Appreciated Breeders,

or Cats-Kittens Valued OVER $100.00 are welcome to list in the monthly package .

Our Team watches closely for any funny stuff.

We Will Remove Any And All Listings That Do Not Meet Our Criteria For This Category.

We aim to help place kittens and cats and NOT enable Scammers.

PURRents want to see the real kitten growing, playing in the home, and this helps to authenticate this kitten is real.


If At Any Time, a listing is discovered to be scammy, you and your listing will be permanently removed from this site. We will not take the chance of deceptive practices.

Can a Listing Be Listed Once And Then Duplicated Since We Qualify For Multiple Categories?

Yes, Email us at Listings@KittyCats.CO And WE Will Duplicate Your Listings Quickly.  It Takes Us a Couple Of Check Marks In The Right Categories To Accomplish This.

But Then, You Must Change The Images For Each listing To Make Them Unique And Not Spammy Looking.

How Much Should A Pedigreed, Rare or Uniquely Marked Kitten Cost?

Just like a priceless family member, it's all about how much value is added to you and how much value the breeder values their cats quality through their reputation earned.

This also includes Registration Papers if included, Champion bloodlines,

its color, or even its marking, or hair and eye quality.

What Are The Qualifications of An Appreciated Breeder?

First and Foremost, The Appreciated Breeder Has Agreed to Uphold Our

Breeder Code of Ethics To Become an Appreciated Breeder.

This entails the completion, return and approval of our detailed questionnaire for the Potential Appreciated Breeder Badge. Their answers must meet our specifications of home care, Purrent care, any licenses requires up to date, a veterinarian on record, in addition to many details about the lines, heritage, breeds, co-breeders and much more.


  • The Appreciated Breeder is a responsible breeder that loves to take the time to talk with the prospective purchaser and share information about the breed, both before and after the purchase, and keep in touch with the PURRent with Communication on KittyCatsCO or other means.


  • The Appreciated Breeder Promises to Uphold Our Breeder Code of Ethics.
  • The Appreciated and Responsible Breeder will likewise interview the prospective purchaser with a questionnaire or interview to determine the kind of home the kitten or cat will have.


  • The Appreciated and Responsible Breeder will not sell kittens before they are 12 to 14 weeks of age
  • and have all vaccinations up to date.


  • Some pet-quality kittens will already be neutered or spayed;
  • others will be contractually required to be altered by a certain age.


  • The Appreciated And Responsible Breeder will provide a health guarantee in writing,Trupanion
  • or other Insurance Options, as an Option to the new PURRent.


  • The Appreciated and Responsible Breeder has been thoroughly investigated
  • to receive this badge as well as the perks that go with it, like connecting our completed questionnaires to compatible breeders to make a Purrfect Match.

How Does Kitty Cats.CO work?

Kitty Cats CO seeks to bring the love of cats and future cat parents together though 2 portals. Social Cat is for communication of buyers, sellers and groups formed for leisure entertainment, education, sharing and assistance with kittens or issues with cats. When searching for a kitten or cat, please do your research about each breed type, characteristics, temperaments, quirks, indoor or outdoor lifestyle match to your lifestyle, and after reviewing the available kittens and you have found your favorites, just contact the seller using the contact method they have shown in the "Seller Info" section.  Unless you are using our Breeder Reservation Form which is completed by all parties involved, and only available to Appreciated Breeders, From there, it's up to you and the seller to make arrangements and purchase. When you transact with a seller, you are working with an independent person or entity separate from KittyCats.CO We do not offer any guarantees, nor do we pre-screen advertisers.

Appreciated Breeders have the exclusive option to receive deposits from buyers, held in trust by KittyCats.CO, until both parties sign off completing this portion of the agreement, and the deposit funds are transferred to the Breeder to reserve this kitten for you, and solely You.


Breeders, rescues, shelters and cat owners looking to find a home for their cats or kittens may create a seller account for free.  Your seller info will be shown with your kitten listings so make sure to be detailed with your account profile.  In order to be found, you must add a kitten profile.  If you have a litter of kittens it's best to make a profile for each kitten to portray their personality.  If you would rather just list the entire litter in one profile that is okay too.  You may post any age of cat even if it's a litter you are expecting soon.

Who can join?

All types of cat lovers may join if they are interested in buying, selling, adopting, or searching for products and services.  We accept shelters, rescues, breeders, and PURRents looking to find a loving home for their cats.  We want caring sellers that treat their kittens and cats very well and abide by their local regulations.  If we find that a seller isn't up to our standards, they will likely be removed and banned contingent on a detailed investigation.


Why do PURRents need an account?

Potential PURRents need to register an account to communicate within Social Cat and keep track of their favorites.   We do not charge for any communication relays.

Many breeders form groups to relay information and special updates, upcoming litters, fun tips, recipes and videos.


Catteries & Breeders breed and raise cats for show and sale and have extensive knowledge regarding the breed they specialize in. They may be members of a cat registry (CFA, TICA, FIFe, WCF or ANFI) and abide by club rules for breeding and care.  These cats & kittens should come with registration papers, a health guarantee, and a certificate of good health from a vet.  Because of the high standards and breeding care, they generally keep track of their kitten-cat parents with communication, form the social cat groups, follow up on spay-neuter contract deadlines, and help new parents out as much as possible. The breeders are generally more expensive and well deserving of the prices commanded for the exceptional care,  welfare and breed standards attained.

Catteries and Breeders are similar. Some Catteries can be considered boarding facilities, although for our listings, we clarify boarding facilities.


Rescues & Shelters accept homeless cats and post cats for adoption.  They will likely charge you a small fee which helps continue their efforts. Donations help too! Their cats are typically adults that are up-to-date on vaccinations, seen by a vet, and have been spayed or neutered. They should happily give you proof of vaccinations and vet care.

Cat Lovers 
are parents of a precious cat that, due to unfortunate circumstances, needs to be re-homed.  They may also be guardians that found a cat, nursed it to health, and are looking for forever parents.  Though most of these cats will be free or very inexpensive, some cats were originally purchased from a breeder and are pedigreed so they will cost a bit more.  Ask for registration papers and proof of vet care for the pedigreed cats.


Beware of the infamous Backyard Breeder! Ask Questions First.

Breeders who do not furnish you with health records, parental heritage details, or lineage, do not belong to a club, do not present a healthy kitten or cat, do not wish to answer pertinent questions about why they breed, how they justify the fees or anything you believe sounds suspicious, you may also be encountering a scammer.  Always ensure a home physical location, not a "meet me at an empty building in the parking lot" scenario.  Trust Your gut instincts.  If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  True Exotics with No Breeding Restrictions for $500 just do not exist!


Does it cost for Potential PURREnts?
It's free to join and search for cats, kittens, products and services.


Why do some listings have ads?
In order to supplement the high cost of advertising and website maintenance, we must have ads. Unfortunately, advertising doesn't bring in much income.


Where do you advertise?

KittyCats.CO has some paid advertising, some free organic traffic from Search Engine Optimization, engaged affiliate traffic from online classifieds that accept our listings, and social networking traffic that adheres to their standards.  We are always seeking new advertising outlets to best assist our buyers and sellers.


Does it cost buyers?
There is zero cost for PURRents to search the listings or to communicate.  We offer "Social Cat" to continue to engage with your cat parents and keep in touch.  This service is free to both parties.


Do you pre-screen users or advertisers or offer guarantees?


We unfortunately do not have any way to guarantee the listings' credibility.  As a frustrated Craigslist user myself and hearing horror stories from some of my cat parents about scammers, this site was created out of the love for our cats, kittens, future, and current cat parents with the overall integrity of the breeders that list on this site.

While we cannot check on every listing, breeder, or seller, for its credible insurance of the cat's health and upkeep, we do request if anyone believes a non-credible listing seller is reported and removed from KittyCats.co to help retain the credibility of our breeders, rescuers, caregivers and parents.

If you believe a scammer is listed on this site, please report this to us immediately.  We hope to only have reputable breeders of wonderful kittens and cats.

How do I unsubscribe from everything or delete my account?
You may close your account any time once logged in to your profile.  Simply cancel any service or subscription and delete your information.

Do you give refunds?
We do not give refunds. We use the bulk of our funds to pay for costly advertising and maintenance to bring buyers and sellers to our website. We don't offer any guarantees because there are too many variables are outside of our control.

Seller accounts have subscriptions and Buyer accounts do not have subscriptions. Subscriptions may be canceled any time either through the seller's account within the 'upgrade' tab  or, if paid with PayPal, through the seller's PayPal account using PayPal's instructions to cancel.

Considering subscriptions, it is your responsibility to cancel when you are no longer needing our service. Cancellations must be made one (1) day prior to the subscription renewal date. Otherwise, recurring charges will continue to be billed regardless of the user's account activity.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Seller accounts have a subscription service that may be canceled at any time through their account in the Profile section at the very bottom of the profile page.   We certainly will miss you and remember you can earn income by referring friends to the site to pay for your account or completely increase your income.  We honor your decision either way and hope to work with you in the future if you decide you must go.

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