Qualify The PURRents Benefits

The Appreciated Breeder Badge is Placed on Your Listings

And In The Advanced Search Bar.

Besides Standing Out In The Crowd, It  Enables Lots of Benefits For You.

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At KittyCats.CO, We Are Dedicated To Becoming The Leader In Our Market For The Right Reasons.

The Love And Passion Of Placing Kittens And Cats In Their Loving FURever Homes With The PURRfect Match.

Appreciated Breeders Stand Up And Stand Out

Appreciated Breeders Stand Up For The Right Reasons And Placement of Their Kittens And Cats.

You Stand Out Because You Are Dedicated, Passionate,

And A Serious Breeder With High Ethics And High-Quality Cats and Kittens.

 You Have Spent Years Developing Your Lineage And We Recognize And Appreciate This.

You Want To Assist You - Reward You - Applaud You - And Help Promote Your Lines.

The PURRfect Match Questions Helps  Future PURRents Discover

Their Breed Match For Their Lifestyle Goals


Our PURRfect Match Questionnaire is designed with intentional questions

that makes the potential PURRent think about what breed type they are seeking.

Do they want, a cute, adorable TICA  or CFA registered  furrball to sit by their computer and purr all day?

Or do they realize that cute, adorable TICA or CFA registered breed,

which has the potential PURRsonality of a high wired aerial artist?

Rehoming happens because PURRsonality mismatches are a huge reality.

We Bring Logic And Emotion To The Conversation For The Right PURRsonality Fit

When You receive the PURRfect Match Adoption Questionnaire from the PURRent,

You can refer back to the questionnaire and the personality types they are seeking.

I see here that the kitten you seek may be a social media type of personality.  Great!


What kind of personality or unique features are you looking for?____________ (Let them answer the question).

Well, I'd love a spotted white kitten with blue and green eyes that will ride on my bicycle with me.

So looks and temperament are very important!

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