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Appreciated Breeder Questionnaire
Please Specify Each Breed Type And Years Experieince.
Please send images of your actual operation with examples of Your Cat Rooms, food and water stations, catio or other images. Use these images in your listings as well for your cattery.
This Helps Us Reach Out To Them To Link To The Site
This Greatly Helps Us To Address Your Concerns And Help Streamline The Process For Breeders And Future Purrents.
What Can KittyCats.CO Enable As A Function To Help You?
Our Goal is To 'Take Back The Power' For Endorsed Breeders And Set High Standards For The Public To Understand. Our Direct Costs of Litter, Food, Shelter, Marketing Etc. Reflect in Our Fees As Do Our Bloodlines, Paperwork Fees, Shows+.
Example: Match Outgoing, Courageous Kittens To People That Wants To Walk Them On a Leash And Travel With Them.

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