KittyCats.CO is dedicated to our passion for the love of cats, kittens, and PURRents.


Who We Are And Our Mission

Kitty Cats CO began out of frustrations expressed to breeders from PURRents

about all of the cat scammers on the internet, including Craigslist, and Go Kitty.

Out of disbelief, research confirmed this was true.

As a breeder, this is my PURRsonal journey

into solving this problem for ethical breeders as well as placing kittens and cats into homes for Shelters.


Problem Number 1: Pictures of kittens that never age, never have videos and simply are too good to be true.

Problem Number 2: Reservation Deposits demanded by the scammers via Venmo and other sources of payments with zero financial recourse.  When the deposits are not received, the PURRents are tormented by the scammers.

Problem Number 3:  Authentic And Ethical Breeders' reputations are harmed by cat scammers.

Problem Number 4: 

Lack of PURRsonality Matching of Kittens or Cats to Human Lifestyle and Expectations.

Outgoing kittens versus reclusive.



Problem Number 5:

Qualifying Future PURRents with questionnaires.  Living conditions, allergies, knowledge, the care involved, food requirements, travel cat or indoor cat.

Problem Number 6:

Contracts - Paperwork in Advance - Vet Records - Transportation Services - Transparency

The Problem - How We Solve This - And Our Mission With Shelters

Authentic and passionate cat breeders' reputations are being marred by cat scammers.

The process of how to solve this and at the same time include Shelters, Rescues, Caregivers, Products, and Services PURRents would like to know about, with reviews and a process to authenticate reservations and the deposits for kittens and cats, to authenticate the kittens, heritage, are existent and create a transparent system for

Endorsed Breeders, Shelters and PURRents.

Shelters - Cafes - Rescues - TNR - Vets - Thrift Stores

Products - Services - and Communication

We Love and Appreciate the loving work accomplished and done by Shelters - TNR - Cat Cafes - the veterinarians, Sponsors, and Shelter Thrift Stores.  We support their work and enable donations to be sent from our site directly to their site through donations.

Listings are and always will be free to all of these entities and we enable questionnaires for placing them and forward the questionnaires to the shelters to match lifestyles or requests that match.

Communication is our greatest goal to enable more placements of kittens and cats, and the Social Cat Platform began as this mission to help spread the word.

Product and Services Listings help cover our operational costs and product listings

reviews may be discussed in a group or forum, and hidden industry gems can be discovered by our community to help their business blossom as well.


This is a Mission of Love, and we hope You Can Discover Love and the products and services you seek on KittyCats.CO


Sincerely, Cara Randolph

Founder, Techie, Polydactyl and Scottish Fold Breeder, Farm And Cattle Rancher in SW Colorado.

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